by Adam Armstrong

DataCore ONE Launches To Accelerate SDS

Today DataCore Software announced its new vision of storage infrastructure with DataCore ONE. The company states that ONE aimes to accelerate the adoption of software-defined storage (SDS) in enterprise data centers, the cloud and edge computing; centralizing command and control of different classes of storage spanning primary, secondary and archive. Along with this, DataCore announces a new flexible hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) appliance, subscription-based licensing, a new cloud-based analytics service, amongst other enhancements. 

What is DataCore ONE?

DataCore ONE is all based around the company’s new cloud-based predictive analytics engine, DataCore Insight Services (DIS). DIS is said to provide actionable insights from a 360-degree view of infrastructure-wide storage. Going more in-depth, DataCore quotes the new technologies to use the “The SaaS control plane draws on telemetry and the collective learnings from thousands of customers around the globe for early problem detection, best practice recommendations and capacity planning.” DataCore ONE leverages AI and ML to find possible issues and sends out corrective actions to users though some are highly automated and may be executed remotely from the same web user interface. This should result in less downtime which in turn will save costs. ONE also leverages auto-tiering that moves data to the appropriate class of storage not only increasing savings but increasing benefits particularly for containerized applications, virtual machines and bare metal hosts

What is the DataCore HCI-Flex Appliance family?

DataCore is also releasing new HCI appliances it named, HCI-Flex. These new appliances are a combination of hyperconverged and software-defined storage. The new family comes in both 1U and 2U form factors with either VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V pre-installed. The HCI-Flex appliances come with DataCore’s data services including: smart caching, thin provisioning, dynamic-auto-tiering, and Parallel I/O acceleration. The company claims that through its intuitive wizard customers can be up and running in a few minutes and the appliance will then pool and manage not only internal storage, but external storage systems as well, regardless of vendor or underlying technology. Users will be able to scale compute and store independently, depending on their needs. 

Other features of the software update including a UI redesign, as well as new automation capabilities that free up admins’ time. The new UI allows admins to control everything including the comprehensive set of data services while they can provision, safeguard, and monitor the entire storage infrastructure. For those that have several third-party products, the update comes with a complete REST API library. And some security features include new encryption-at-rest technology that uses military-grade XTS-AES 256-bit encryption algorithms that can be applied across different storage systems.

Availability and Pricing 

DataCore ONE is available now as part of the HCI-Flex appliances. Pricing is a subscription-based model where customers can choose between perpetual or subscription licenses. Price is based per TB regardless of the size of deployment. 


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