by Bill Valle

DataCore SANsymphony-V R9.0.4 Released

DataCore has announced SANsymphony-V R9.0.4 which adds significant new features to their virtualization software platform that is hardware vendor agnostic. Taking into account the mix of both memory and disk based storage capabilities, SANsymphony-V will auto-tier the storage infrastructure based on application and database performance needs. This ability to tune the environment enables the administrators to manage the needs of high demand applications while keeping budget conscious with the right mix of higher performing solid state drives and lower cost, higher capacity spindle based drives.

DataCore’s SANsymphony-V is a product based on a software defined architecture that is hardware vendor independent and can leverage existing standard APIs to coordinate with the target host operating systems to intelligently manage the storage infrastructure. SANsymphony-V now supports twice the number of nodes (up to 16) than the previous release, and has the ability to self-heal either a storage drive failure or intentional removal (hot-swap) for repair or replacement. This is accomplished via synchronous mirroring of data between nodes, and essentially provides both continuous availability and automatic repairs.

Non-disruptive data moves are now possible so that volumes can be relocated either within or outside of a pool of nodes with much less impact to operating system or network bandwidth as the traffic is on the SAN and will be transparent to the application running. Coordination with the host OS is by using either VMware VAAI commands or Microsoft’s ODX APIs and also allows the new reclamation services to reclaim unused capacity where the host signals after erasing a large number of blocks via these APIs.

In order to improve configuration management with large IT organizations (multiple administrators), audit logging has been added to allow tracking of every administrative action. For faster remote replication a new Next Gen Remote Replication has been designed for faster movement of data between remote sites and can dramatically speed up disaster recovery.


The new release will be generally available on November 4th.

DataCore SANsymphony-V Product Page

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