by Adam Armstrong

DataGravity Launches Discovery Series V2 Data Security

Today DataGravity announced its new data security and governance features, DataGravity Discovery Series V2. This new series combines functions of data security, search and discovery, and data protection into a single platform, available in three models the DG1100, DG2200 and DG2400. DataGravity Discovery Series V2 is aimed at helping companies with security at the point of storage all the while giving them visibility into their data as it is created and stored.

DataGravity is headquartered in Nashua, N.H. and makes data-aware storage platforms. They feel that storage should do more than just store information; it gives administrators the ability to utilize it as a business asset. Their technology can analyze data as it is being ingested without impacting performance. Not only will administrators be able to pinpoint and correct security risks, they will be able to increase productivity, efficiency, and help organizations gain insights through the stored data.

Though there are several products aimed at protecting data at the endpoints, DataGravity Discovery Series V2 will protect unstructured data in storage. Companies will be able to better protect their data including sensitive company information, such as employee and customer personal data, corporate financial records and intellectual property. 

The new DataGravity Discovery Series V2 features include:

  • Content and tag alerting, which provides automated email alerts that proactively notify organizations when and where sensitive information is stored and how it’s being handled, enabling administrators to quickly identify user-access anomalies and governance policy violations.
  • Audit user role-based access, which enables privileged users to easily find and analyze sensitive information, in turn enforcing and confirming adherence to compliance, security and governance policies using integrated data-aware tools.
  • Custom and pre-defined tagging, which lets administrators create company- and domain-specific tags based on regular expressions and industry-specific markers of sensitive information, expanding the built-in DataGravity library of pre-defined tags used to locate sensitive and regulated data.
  • Intelligence profiles let administrators define, assign, and schedule compliance policy checks to relevant data assets based on their regulatory needs and internal governance policies.
  • DataGravity Management Packs for VMware vRealize Operations and Log Insight, which contain plug-ins that surface data insights in consolidated data-center-wide dashboards, enabling customers to accelerate visibility, troubleshooting and resolution of data privacy, security and compliance issues.


The DataGravity Discovery Series V2 is available today.

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