by Adam Armstrong

Datos IO Joins Google Cloud Platform Partner Program

Following its announcement of joining Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner program last month, Datos IO announced today that it was joining Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Partner program. The company is also announcing that latest release of its flagship software, RecoverX 1.5, also called Orion. Orion will support Google Compute Engine and Google Cloud Storage services, which offer advanced data recovery features purpose-built for 3rd Platform applications deployed on non-relational databases in GCP.

As we previously stated, Datos IO claims that RecoverX enables enterprise to protect their data at any interval and granularity, enables recovery in minutes, and can save up to 70% on secondary storage costs. As more and more companies become cloud-based or cloud-first and are moving mission critical applications to the cloud, recoverability at cloud-scale will continue to grow as a concern. With the new release and the collaboration with GCP, RecoverX allow users to protect their applications and give them the ability to recover data at scale, and according to Datos IO, the data can be recovered at any point-in-time natively in Google Cloud Platform. Data can be recovered to on-premise secondary storage and from one cloud to another cloud.

New features include:

  • Recovery to Any PIT:  Datos IO RecoverX now allows companies to recover data at any point-in-time (PIT for flexible RPOs) to give control to application owners in recovering their data.
  • Granular Node Level Recovery: Datos IO RecoverX now allows companies to recover data for a particular node of a database cluster to allow for fast recovery from dedicated node failures.
  • Application Aware Data Masking: Datos IO RecoverX now provides native support for data masking to hide sensitive personally-identifying information (PII) data, helping enterprises meet their continuous development needs.
  • Advanced Storage Efficiency: Datos IO RecoverX now provides compaction related optimizations while extracting data from databases to minimize secondary storage costs.
  • Application Centric Cluster Consistency: Datos IO RecoverX now allows administrators to configure cluster consistency for backups to map the needs of application consistency of write operations (insert or update).

Working with GCP, Datos IO will now be able to help customers protect next-generation applications hosted on NoSQL databases, cloud databases, and IaaS and PaaS architectures against data corruption, disasters and human errors. Datos IO goes on to claim that customers will be able to recover their application data at scale with minimal application downtime.

Systems Compatibility

Datos IO RecoverX supports Apache Cassandra (v2.0, v2.1), DataStax DSE (v4.5, v4.6, v4.7, v4.8) and MongoDB (v3.0, v3.2) as well as a wide variety of secondary storage options with NAS storage for on premise or private cloud environments, Amazon S3 storage and Google Cloud Storage support for public cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

Datos IO RecoverX

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