by Adam Armstrong

Datrium Announces DVX Insane Mode

Today Datrium announced a new software release for its DVX system with what it is calling “Insane Mode.” Datrium is making some bold claims with this new software release stating that users can see up to a 2-fold increase in virtual server application performance. According to Datrium this will mean over 100,000 IOPS per host and 3 Million IOPS per DVX system. All of this can be done through a touch of a button without changing the controller.

Datrium states that their DVX is designed around private cloud computing elasticity versus using QoS for metering out CPU resources. The DVX powers storage system performance by using a small amount of compute from each virtualized server. Every virtualized server in the system will make it faster. When user activate Insane Mode reserved cores for storage IO on a server will grow on demand from 20% to 40%. Datrium claims user can watch as their storage performance doubles as this mode takes full advantage of the use of local host flash drives for read performance.

With the addition of Insane Mode, DVX users know have two ways to boost storage performance dynamically for their virtual machines. If a host lacks CPU or flash headroom for DVX storage processing, one can vMotion the workload to a server nearby with more resource capacity. Or if a user has unused local CPU headroom they can turn on Insane mode.


Insane mode is available now at no extra charge with DIESL Hyperdriver Software version

Datrium DVX

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