by Adam Armstrong

Datrium Introduces Blanket Encryption For Private Clouds

Datrium announced its new Datrium Blanket Encryption. The Blanket Encryption a software product that combines deduplication and compression technology with high-speed, end-to-end encryption. The encryption will be in use at the host, in flight, and at rest.

Data is becoming more and more valuable and therefore it is becoming a more attractive target for those with ill intentions. With data breaches happening more frequently (and become larger, effecting more people) organizations need to encrypt data anywhere it resides as well as when it is in motion. This is an option that several of the leading storage arrays and HCI solutions don’t provide yet, though they do offer encryption at rest.

Datrium sees an opportunity here to provide a 100% software-based solution that deduplicates and compresses data and then encrypts it while it is still in the application host’s memory. The data is still encrypted as it leaves the host, moves across the network, to the storage. Datrium states that its new Blanket Encryption is also designed to be simple. Blanket Encryption works with built-in key management system that protects all new data in the DVX in one step. Datrium goes on to state that Blanket Encryption has no impact on DVX performance.


Blanket Encryption is expected to be available in April 2017 with list pricing at $10,000 per DVX.

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