by Adam Armstrong

Datrium Releases DVX 4.0

Datrium announced that it had made a major update to its software, DVX 4.0. The latest update extends capabilities of DVX Tier 1 and extended support for Oracle RAC, greater VM fault tolerance, and improved data and administrative security. Included with the new upgrade is Cloud DVX.

The latest version of DVX builds off of several of the features the company has been known for, extending and improving them. Now Datrium provides full support of Oracle RAC on a 4-node vSphere cluster. The company states that this will extend its Tier 1 data security and resilience. Also new to this update is Peer Cache mode to provide VM fault tolerance by allowing VMs on an affected host to use SSDs on a neighboring host until the issues is resolved. DVX 4.0 brings FIPS 140-2 validation to Datrium Blanket Encryption.

Introduced a little while ago, Datrium Cloud DVX provides a simple one-click setup with AWS for seamless backup instance storage and recovery as a SaaS-based offering, eliminating any necessary complicated setup. Today the company announced that all new systems running the latest version, DVX 4.0, will recive a free one-year subscription to Cloud DVX. This includes 1TB of AWS capacity that Datrium states can protect 6TB of effective data after its data reduction. This free subscription does not include any fees incurred by using AWS.

Another novel approach the company is taking with this release is a 30-day money back guarantee. If a customer gets a new DVX system had is unhappy for any reason, they can return it for a full refund. This is a fairly confidant offer from Datrium about the success of their systems. For a deep dive on DVX, check out our recent Datrium review.


Datrium DVX 4.0 is available now with upgrades available at no charge for existing customers with a valid support agreement. 


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