by Adam Armstrong

Datrium Takes Per-Server Flash Density To 100TB

Today Datrium announced that its DVX has doubled performance density to 100TB of effective flash capacity per server. Not only is Datrium announcing that they have increased performance density, they are claiming that they have lowered the price to 10TB per $1000. Datrium states that this announcement will broaden the range of applications that can remain completely in the local server flash, which in turn can lower latency in shared private clouds by keeping all read IO processing off of the network.

Datrium states that its DVX enables users to accelerate VM IO on-demand as well as provision speed independent of capacity. The Datrium DVX keeps both IO services and flash for read IO strictly local per-server and separates shared durable storage to a simple, off-host repository. This means that Datrium can support a wide spectrum of server configuration types and flash densities. Datrium points out that, since servers remain stateless in this approach, unplanned server failures are not subject to data rebuilds of any kind, making serviceability a key advantage.

Today’s announcement brings even more affordable flash to the server, meaning even more application data will be kept local and thus companies will be able to maintain high and predictable service levels for mixed-used private clouds. Datrium achieves this high performance density through inline deduplication and compression as well as moving durable data off-host. In other words, Datrium doesn’t use local flash for persistence replicas.


Performance density features are available now, and are bundled at no additional cost with the Datrium DVX version 1.1 and later.

Datrium DVX

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