by Adam Armstrong

DDN’s All-Flash IME14K Is Powered By Toshiba’s ZD6000 Dual Port NVMe SSDs

Today Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc. announced that it is collaborating with DataDirect Networks (DDN) on its IME14K appliance. Toshiba’s dual-port ZD6000-series Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) solid state drives (SSD) are now being used in the IME14K to enable application acceleration and burst buffer technologies of DDN. The two companies claim that by combining the these technologies the appliance can deliver game changing performance, offer critical redundancy, and a low latency profile at the application layer, providing impressive compute ROI.

DDN states that they have been able to achieve volume production using the Toshiba drives to power its recently announced IME14K all-flash application and file system accelerator. The ZD6000 offers several advantages aside from the higher performance and lower latency that comes with NVMe drives. The ZD6000 also offers a robust feature-set and DDN can enable its active dual port capability to safeguard against a single point of failure. The IME14K can scale up to 48 of these NVMe SSDs. The Toshiba ZD6000 runs in capacity from 800GB to 7.68TB, meaning the IME14K can scale up to almost 370TB.

DDN IME14K key specifications:

  • Dual Storage controller in 4U
  • Supports up to 32 nodes
  • 48 drives per node
  • Max capacity 7.68TB NVMe per drive
  • Ports: 12 FDR, 6 EDR
  • Software features:
    • System services
    • Bulk data (RAID) protection and recovery including hot-swap drive replacement
    • Multi-rail support including IME Client enhancements
    • Policy engine framework, file pinning
    • Scalability and fault tolerance
    • Client side erasure encoding
    • Write/Read Anywhere support


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