by Adam Armstrong

Dell Cloud Marketplace Public Beta Program Launched

Dell has launched the Dell Cloud Marketplace public beta program. The marketplace will give both developers and IT managers a single unified console on where they can compare, purchase, use, and manage public cloud services from Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Joyent. Dell is aligning itself with Delphix, Docker, and Pertino allowing users to subscribe to these solutions along with the public cloud infrastructure of their choice. Dell is also giving developers on-demand tools in order to improve cloud-based application performance with Foglight APM SaaS edition.

With organizations rapidly adopting cloud unitization, Dell sees the difference in the demands between developers (who want instant access to cloud services and true self-service capabilities) and IT managers (who want greater governance, visibility, and integration across the whole cloud spectrum) and is offering the Dell Cloud Marketplace to empower both. The marketplace provides developers the agility and flexibility they want in the cloud and it allows IT managers comprehensive security, visibility and control of the cloud services consumed by IT. Dell Cloud Marketplace also provides tools for customers who aren’t sure which cloud services are best for their needs.

Realizing that integration across different cloud platforms presents a challenge for developers, Dell is aligning itself with other companies to enable developers to realize the full potential of the public cloud ecosystem. With Delphix, Dell will simplify data migration, deployment and recovery to enable seamless data management across public and hybrid clouds. IT and developers can efficiently manage disaster recovery, staging and development environments across several public and hybrid clouds infrastructures while increasing performance and reducing complexity. The alliance with Docker will accelerate distributed application development and deployments. Developers will be able to spend more time creating applications and less time creating and maintaining infrastructure. Users will have access to dozens of Dell-curated, one-click application installs and over 45,000 Docker container-based applications. The teaming up with Pertino eliminates the complexity of securely connecting multiple and hybrid clouds. Marketplace users will be able to instantly create Virtual Private Clouds with Pertino Cloud Network Engine. Customers using Pertino don’t need networking or security expertise. The Dell Cloud Marketplace will be offering Delphix, Docker, and Pertino solutions next year allowing customers to subscribe to these solutions.

Foglight APM SaaS edition is generally available today and aimed at customers where the application is their business. Foglight APM SaaS is a tailor-made product for web and mobile application teams, allowing real-time monitoring and aids in identifying the root cause of performance issues. The new SaaS edition is ideal for monitoring applications deployed in the cloud. Users will have visibility into the slowest performance factors and identify areas of improvement and optimization.


Dell Cloud Marketplace public beta is available now in the U.S. The offerings from Delphix, Docker, and Pertino will be available in the marketplace next year.

Dell Foglight APM SaaS is available now in English only, for free for a limited time.

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