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Dell EMC Announces GA Of InfoArchive 4.1

Dell EMC Enterprise Content Division (ECD) made a few announcements around its InfoArchive product suite. These announcements include Dell EMC InfoArchive as a Service (IAaaS), the general availability of Dell EMC InfoArchive 4.1, and Dell EMC Clinical Archiving 2.0 software.

As we previously stated, InfoArchive is an application agnostic archive product suite that preserves the value of enterprise information all the while helping customers accelerate their journey to the 3rd Platform of IT. The latest version enhances simplicity while providing broad and secure access to data while simultaneously allowing information governance controls that enable companies to maintain compliance. ECD claims that providing access to information via InfoArchive poses much less risk than direct access to production or legacy applications.

Other new features include:

  • Full compatibility with Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage
  • Synchronous ingestion functionality, allowing instant ingestion upon completion
  • Enhanced data export capabilities, supporting common formats including DF, CSV, XML, JSON or HTML

With so many companies either looking to migrate to the cloud or start in the cloud, Dell EMC is offering a cost-effective InfoArchive for cloud environments, IAaaS. Dell EMC states that the new IAaaS can further strengthen its InfoArchive by enabling the ingestion of data and content from applications of all types into a hosted environment controlled by Dell EMC. IAaaS also enables users to expose data to end-user portals or reuse it for analytics, all the while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Dell EMC is also announcing the latest version of its software designed around retaining patient information, Clinical Archive 2.0. New features center around patients’ privacy, patients can now set limits on which providers can see their information. The new version also allows for more accurate recording of progress by allowing single documents to be added to a patient’s archive without waiting for the next official archiving session.

Clincial Archive 2.0 also has two new user interfaces: a HIMVision that supplies a view of patient’s archived data and the ability to add annotation information. HIMVision includes a “Release of Information” mechanism that allows part or all of a patient’s archived information to be exported or printed. And there is an ArchiveVision, offering two perspectives, a snapshot perspective for a simple overview and a timeline perspective for a record in chronological order.


InfoArchive 4.1 is generally available now.

Dell EMC InfoArchive

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