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Dell EMC Announces Isilon All-Flash

Continuing on their message of the year of all flash, Dell EMC today announced All-Flash Isilon Storage and Dell EMC World 2016. According to Dell EMC, this all-flash Isilon will "ignite the Isilon data lake" for storing and managing unstructured data in the core datacenter. Dell EMC states that the new Isilon All-Flash will have six times more IOPS, eight times more aggregate throughput, and 47% more capacity to accelerate demanding and business critical workloads.

Flash is becoming a very attractive option for block storage. However, block storage is only a small part of the total storage picture. Unstructured data and file data make up roughly 80% of all storage and they are both expected to double in the next few years. Dell EMC is addressing this issue with its new Isilon All-Flash. Isilon All-Flash is a 4U chassis with up to 4 all-flash nodes that can hold up to 15 SSDs. Isilon leverages commodity components and can continue to grow as density increases in SSDs. Isilon All-Flash can scale out to 400+ nodes with an aggregate bandwidth of 1.5TB/s and capacity of 100PB.

The new Isilon All-Flash uses the same OneFS operating system as the current models and is completely interoperable with the existing line. This means users can both protect investments of the current line while adding performance. Being a part of the data lake, the new Isilon supports protocols including NFS, SMB, HDFS, FTP, REST, Swift, HTTP and NDMP. And the data lake's storage pools ability enables business to create storage tiers based on the usage and value of their data.

As companies move forward with new applications and new innovations they will need more performance to power them and gain a faster time-to-value. Isilon All-Flash will be ideal for use cases such as Media & Entertainment, 4K streaming, animation rendering, content creation, Big Data analytics, financial tick analysis, life science human genomics, and Electronic Design Automation logic design and verification. Utilizing flash in these use cases shifts the bottleneck away from storage onto compute.


Though it is available for preorder now, Isilon All-Flash is expected to be generally available in the first half of 2017.

Dell EMC Isilon

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