by Adam Armstrong

Dell Launches Version 5 of Fluid File System

Today Dell announced the launch of the latest version of its Fluid File System (FluidFS), version 5. Like the previous version, FluidFS 5 is also available on Dell’s FS8600. FluidFS 5 comes with many improvements and enhancements running the gamut from protocol support, management, to security.

Dell FluidFS is a high performance scale-out NAS solution designed to help customers address the challenges of managing growth in the number and size of user files. FluidFS supports file-based workflows in specialized areas such as media and entertainment, scientific research, and its most interesting use case video surveillance. In November Dell launched its Fluid File Video Solution For Surveillance to help customers tackle the burdens of video surveillance as it switches over to digital. Customers, such as airports, found that using FluidFS for Surveillance enabled them to not only scale up easier to meet retention policies, they were able to manage and search the files more easily.

New enhancements include:

  • Global Namespace – Simplifies access to tens of petabytes of data by spanning a single global namespace across multiple FluidFS clusters or heterogeneous NAS devices supporting SMB 2, SMB 3 or NFS v4 protocols.
  • PowerShell and REST API – Storage Administrators can script common day-to-day tasks such as creating NAS volumes, shares and taking snapshots, allowing administrators to tie scripts into their application workflow reducing the need for manual work.
  • Data Governance with Dell Change Auditor - This integration is vital for customers looking to remain in regulatory compliance and protect against data breaches by understanding who is accessing data and how they are doing it.
  • Lower latency for Windows clients - With the new FluidFS v5, Dell states that they have seen 87% less latency for Windows clients reading many small files, compared to the previous FluidFS release. For customers in the engineering design and automation industry, this is a significant improvement in performance.
  • Increased scalability- Dell has increased scalability of the Dell Fluid File Video Solution from 1.3PB raw up to 4PB raw, allowing customers to store more data, still maintaining simplicity of managing a single system. This scalability means Dell can now offer customers even more cost effective storage, as low as $0.17/GB.


Dell Fluid File System v5 is available now.

Dell Fluid File System

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