by Adam Armstrong

Dell Releases New Precision Workstations Celebrating Their 20th Anniversary

Dell Precision Workstations are celebrating their twentieth anniversary. As part of the celebration Dell announced at SIGGRAPH 2017 a new series of workstations, including desktop and rack. Dell is also announcing a special anniversary of the Precision 5520 mobile workstation as well as a new creative workspace, the Dell Canvas.

Of the new workstations announced three of them are tower models: Dell Precision 5820 Tower, Precision 7820 Tower, and Precision 7920 Tower. These new tower workstations are certified for professional software applications and are configured to seamlessly complete the most complex projects, such as virtual reality content development. An issue that can hamper workflow is memory challenges, to combat this Dell has included its Dell Reliable Memory Technology (RMT) Pro in the Precision towers as well as Dell Precision Optimizer (DPO) enabling users to tailor performance to their needs.

The latest round of workstations contain the following:

  • The latest Intel Xeon processors are an excellent choice for artificial intelligence (AI), with agile performance across a variety of workloads, including machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) inference and training. For customers starting AI workloads, the new Dell Precision tower workstations allow customers to use software optimized to their existing Intel infrastructure.
  • NVIDIA Quadro GP100 also power development and deployment of cognitive technologies like DL and ML applications. Other NVIDIA Pascal GPU options include HBM2 memory, and NVLink technologies results in unprecedented power, performance, and capabilities for professional users to create their most complex designs in computer-aided engineering (CAE) and experience “life-like” VR environments.
  • Radeon Pro SSG Graphics with fast HBM2 memory and 2TB of SSD on board allows real-time 8K video editing and playback using high performance computing of massive datasets, and rendering of large projects. Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects currently previews a fully integrated Radeon Pro SSG API solution that enables creative professionals to exceed many current editing and playback boundaries.

On top of towers, Dell is also releasing a new rackmount workstation, the Dell Precision 7920 Rack. The 7920 is a 2U workstations that delivers all of the benefits of the higher end tower workstations but is for secure remote workers. Dell is also releasing a special edition of its 5520 mobile workstation. While still coming with all of the performance in a thin profile we found in our review, the special edition comes with an exclusive hard anodized aluminum, brushed metallic finish in a brand-new Abyss color with anti-finger print coating.

Other than workstations, Dell is also releasing what it is referring to as a new workspace designed to make digital creative work more natural, the Dell Canvas. The Canvas is a 27” QHD touch screen with a digital pen (that offers precise tactile accuracy), that allows a natural feel for develop creative content.


The new workstations can be ordered by October 3, 2017. The limited-edition 5520 and Dell Canvas are available now. 

Dell Precision Anniversary

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