by Lyle Smith

Diablo Technologies Announces Memory1, the Industry's First All-Flash DDR4 Memory Module

Diablo Technologies has announced Memory1, the industry’s first all-flash server system memory technology designed to vastly improve datacenter performance and economics. The technology is quoted with four times the capacity of the largest DRAM modules, which allows enterprises a lot more agility and power all on fewer servers. Diablo indicates that this will result up to 70% lower datacenter costs.

For instance, the same system memory slots that currently hold 128 or 384GB of DRAM memory can now support up to 4TB of Memory1, enabling data-intensive applications to perform much better than what was previously attainable. Diablo’s Memory1 technology uses the standard DDR4 DIMM slots and is supported by most standard motherboards, servers, operating systems and applications.

Diablo adds that the Memory1 technology is specifically designed for environments that demand large memory footprints per server for workloads. This includes big data analytics and complex Web applications. The company also indicates that they will initially focus on delivering Memory1 to cloud and hyperscale datacenters, claiming that they will see likely see the most significant economic benefits due to their scale.


Memory1 is currently shipping to select customers and is slated for broad availability sometime this fall, 2015. In addition, Diablo will be demonstrating Memory1 at Flash Memory Summit from August 11-13.

Diablo Technologies

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