Donations to StorageReview

Over the course of the past year or so, as SR's fortunes (following the tech and internet sector as a whole) went from bad to worse, some community members have periodically pushed for a "paypal donation jar" of sorts- stating that they'd like to make some sort of monetary contribution to SR.

When it first surfaced, we were a bit reluctant to the idea. We guess there were just some negative preconceptions that we had to get over. The appearance of donation programs on other sites has usually been associated with the given site being on its financial deathbed, so to speak. We didn't want to send out that this was a "do or die" decision. Further, call it pride, stubbornness, or whatever, but we couldn't shake our feeling that opening this donation jar wouldn't be unlike begging.

Even so, the suggestions continued. Finally, things culminated with a regular member simply snail-mailing us a check. After talking it over, we've come to this conclusion: why refuse these offers, if it helps SR continue in whatever small way? Why regard them negatively as results of "begging" when readers don't? So, we've decided to give it a shot- we've opened SR's Paypal donation jar.

If you choose to donate, we respectfully request the following information in the "notes" section of the donation form:

  1. Registered members, please let us know your community name/handle. This will allow us to associate donations with registrations in the event we choose to roll out future programs (merchandise, or, if necessity dictates, premium subscription services). We have received more than a few e-mails from individuals who wish to contribute anonymously. Thus, if you're not registered or if you simply wish to remain completely anonymous, a screen name is not required.
  2. Whether or not you want it to be known to others that you've contributed. We're certainly not going to publish a list complete with all donors and associated amounts. We would, however, like to offer some small recognition to those who don't wish to remain publicly anonymous- a small "StorageReview Patron" designation associated with your forum posts and profile. If you wish to decline this recognition, please tell us.

Please note that this is strictly a voluntary donation with no explicit or implied guarantee of any status or service above that which is available to all readers. Contributors are expected to fully abide by all SR community policies and will not receive special consideration in the rare event that disciplinary measures are required.

Thank you! PayPal Donations

Use Paypal to contribute via your Paypal account, checking account, or credit card.
Contributions may also be made through checks via US Mail.
Please make out checks to:, Inc.
P.O. Box 470453
Celebration, FL 34747-0453