by Adam Armstrong

Dot Hill Adds RealStor Software To Arrays Under $10K

Dot Hill Systems Corp. announced that it has making its RealStor operating system available on its AssuredSAN 3004 arrays. This brings all of the enterprise functionality of RealStor software to an array that starts under $10,000. This announcement gives Dot Hill’s OEM partners the ability to effectively compete with other hybrid cache-only arrays on the market.

The AssuredSAN 3004 arrays with RealStor software are ideal for remote and branch offices, small businesses, general-purpose servers applications, and backup appliances. This new combination of hardware and software enables OEMs to offer entry-level systems with enterprise-level features. The 3004 arrays come with multiple host interface options including Dot Hill's unique, flexible 16Gb Fibre Channel/10Gb iSCSI converged interface as well as a new two-port 12Gb SAS interface option.

The AssuredSAN 3004 series uses dual active/active controllers for higher reliability and availability. The 3004 systems may come in at a low price point but they deliver on the performance side of things. Dot Hill states that on sustained sequential read the 3004 delivers speeds of 3,300MB/s, writes of up to 2,400MB/s and throughput performance of 40,000 IOPS. Using VMware, the 3004 can support 3 times the VMs at half the cost per VM when the SSD caching is enabled. In the future, customers will be able to upgrade their 3004 controllers to 4004 controllers with no data migration.

RealStor features include:

  • RealCache allows SSD cache to become an extension of the controller cache, increasing effective cache capacity by up to 100 times.
  • RealPool enables users to simplify system management without complex policy settings to allow configuration for capacity expansion in less than 10 minutes with no downtime.
  • RealThin thin provisioning optimizes capacity management and offers file-system integrated space reclamation, which reduces the cost of capacity investments by up to 50%.
  • RealSnap virtual snapshots streamline the action of creating point-in-time images, providing capabilities to snap volumes multiple times with no performance impact, resulting in improved backup and recovery.
  • RealQuick rebuild improves system uptime and data protection by reducing the risk of data loss after a drive failure and providing up to 10 times faster restore time.


The Dot Hill AssuredSAN 3004 arrays with RealStor are available now.

Dot Hill AssuredSAN 3000 series

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