by Adam Armstrong

DriveScale Comes Out Of Stealth With Composable Infrastructure & $15 Million In Funding

Today DriveScale came out of stealth to announce its new architecture that aims to transform standard rack scale deployments into flexible, composable infrastructure that can handle Hadoop deployments of any size along with other modern application workloads. This architecture was something that was only previously found in webscale organizations. DriveScale is also announcing that is was able to secure $15 million in series A funding from investors such as Pelion Venture Partners, Nautilus Venture Partners, and Foxconn’s Ingrasys.

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, DriveScale was created in part to bring hyperscale computing to mainstream enterprises. DriveScale was founded by former Nuova Systems (acquired by Cisco in 2008, and later became UCS servers and Nexus switches) employees, Satya Nishtala and Tom Lyon, as well as the former CTO of Connected Home Division of Technicolor, Duane Northcutt. Using DriveScale’s platform, data centers can turn into flexible and responsive scale-out deployments. DriveScale states that users can deploy independent pools of commodity compute and storage resources, automatically discover available assets, and combine and recombine these resources as needed. DriveScale customers include AppNexus, ClearSense, DST Systems and Foxconn’s Ingrasys.

DriveScale argues that there is a growing need for independent resource scaling. They claim that combining compute and drives in the same chassis is either too restrictive or organizations must overprovision that will lead to wasted resources. Modern and next-gen applications may need these resources, so companies can’t just sit on them. With composable technology, companies can manage compute and storage resources as separate pools and combine them as needed in any ratio needed.

Consisting of a tightly integrated combination of on-premises software, hardware and cloud-based services DriveScale’s platform provides the manageability, flexibility and optimization that are a base requirement to manage scale-out data center operations. They claim their platform is ideal for future-proofing infrastructure, maximizing data center efficiency, and delivering higher services to internal customers as well as easily supporting Hadoop deployments of various sizes.

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