by Adam Armstrong

Druva Adds Advanced Anomaly Detection Capabilities

Today Druva announced it was adding new monitoring and detection capabilities to its data protection platform. The new capabilities are designed to proactively find anomalies that could potentially be dangerous and alert companies before something happens. With the new capabilities, Druva would be able to protect against threats such as ransomware.

Most IT professionals will tell you that ransomware is near the top of their list of concerns, behind budgetary constraints and potential lack of coffee. Everyday in the United States there is an average, average mind you not maximum, of 4,000 rasnsomware attacks. Ransomware seems to be on the rise, attacking more and more enterprises. In the era where data is rapidly created, analyzed, and used to gain insights, backing up the data may not me enough to fight against ransomware. Companies need to find and stop it before it starts.

Druva’s new enhanced capabilities of anomaly detection continually look at file changes and their types and assess abnormal deletions, unusual file modifications and updates, and identifying an atypically large number of file creations, all of which can be indicative of a malicious event.  If anything seems amiss, Druva pinpoints the last safe snapshot and recovers files to that point while alerting IT of the disturbance. Once IT is aware something is wrong they can begin taking the immediate steps to contain or minimize the potential risk that in turn could potentially save companies from catastrophic events.

Enhanced features include:

  • Automated alerts and insights: Druva alerts IT administrators when unusual data activity occurs across desktops, laptops, mobile devices and cloud applications, giving them the ability to quickly remediate and prevent potential security threats.
  • Anomaly detection overview: A comprehensive set of trending charts and visualizations that track data activity and quickly identify catalysts of unusual behavior within data.
  • Transparent view into data: Access to granular per-user details such as file name, path,  type, etc. to understand specifically what files are potentially at-risk.
  • Foolproof recovery: Easily identify the last known good snapshot and recover the entire data set or individual files as needed.


The newly enhanced features are now available for Druva customers. 

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