by Adam Armstrong

Druva Announces Data Protection For Microsoft Teams & Slack

Today Druva Inc. announced what it is calling the industry’s first SaaS-based data protection solution for today’s leading collaboration applications, including Microsoft Teams and Slack. On top of the collaboration applications, Druva is extending protection with new integrations with ServiceNow, Splunk and Okta, and new capabilities for AWS workloads. 

Lots of aspects of business, including collaboration, have moved into the cloud. Collaborative apps like Teams and Slack are being leveraged in businesses all over, including ours. All these cloud-based applicaoitns need data protection, and noting this, Druva is sweeping in to provide it. The new data protection is stated to be comprehensive and scalable and for collaborative applications Durva will support archival, legal hold, and search functionality with new abilities to save and recover interactions coming down the pipe. For AWS, Druva has added an automated disaster recovery to ensure workloads are protected, quickly recoverable, and can easily be leveraged for Dev/Test environments with a single click.

Druva’s integrations with cloud services further help companies that need to extract insights form their data. For instance, in conjunction with Okta, customers can manage user access to the data; customers can better monitor the data via Splunk for decision-making purposes; and users can initiate ServiceNow workflows to optimize systems or remediate issues.

New features include:

  • Support for Slack - Customers can now preserve the integrity of communication/conversations on the platform for e-discovery and legal hold requirements
  • Microsoft Teams - Added to Druva’s support for Microsoft Office 365, delivering data protection for Teams workloads and enabling admins to seamlessly and quickly recover from scenarios where data gets deleted due to accidental deletion/rogue user or in the event of a ransomware attack.
  • Automated Disaster Recovery - Simplifies the setup of disaster recovery (DR) plans within AWS environments with the ability to create cross-account DR plans as well as cross-region and cross-account support. Additionally, Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) resources can also now be included as part of DR plans, and users can also automate the creation of production-like environments for Dev/QA purposes with a single click.
  • Splunk Integration - Splunk users can integrate with Druva’s protected data and enable a complete visibility, security and analysis across all enterprise and IoT data assets. This is also available via Splunk’s native application.
  • ServiceNow Integration - A RESTful API-based integration (or via Splunk’s native application) delivers critical functions (backup, recovery, archival) for workloads through ServiceNow’s Service Catalog. ServiceNow users can also report on IT tickets originating from Druva and get end-to-end visibility across all enterprise data assets.
  • Okta Integration - Automated user on-boarding and off-boarding without the need for any on-premises components and mitigate configuration needs with Druva’s pre- configured app on Okta Integration Network. Druva is now also part of the Okta Identity Network.


Druva’s integration with Okta is now generally available to all Druva customers. Integrations with ServiceNow and Splunk will be available to all customers by the end of 2019.

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