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Druva Expands Data Protection Coverage For inSync

Today Druva announced that it is expanding its data protection with for its Druva inSync to now support end-user data sources Box, Google Apps for Work (Google Drive, Google Docs and Gmail) and Office 365 (Exchange Online). With the new support of these cloud applications Druva has expanded its data protection enabling enterprises to have a comprehensive view of end-user data on even more sources.

As the workforce grows ever more mobile data is finding its way onto more devices in more applications than ever before. This allows end users to access and work on their data everywhere, increasing productivity. However this can create a headache for IT as they struggle to secure and have visibility into users’ data. Data governance also creates an issue due to the difficulty of adhering to legal and compliance requirements such as those posed by new data privacy regulations. Druva’s inSync Proactive Compliance centralizes visibility and control of business data residing on employees’ endpoints and cloud services via integrated backup, data loss prevention, and data governance capabilities. End user’s data is continually mirrored to enable rapid recovery. And end users will be able to access any file or folder from any device and addresses eDiscovery support, compliance and forensics needs.

The new support announced today enables automation and backup, archival, and governance capabilities across multiple cloud applications. The Office 365 support helps companies meet their hosted email and message-based governance needs. Druva has recently entered a partnership with Box, which will help protect data shared via Box’s online file sharing/content management service. And inSync’s support for Google Apps will benefits companies that use their suite of products including Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Docs.

inSync benefits include:

  • Automated compliance management powered by full text search capabilities and built-in compliance templates (e.g. HIPAA, GLBA, PHI / PII related) to monitor for potential data risks and easily meet data regulations
  • Built-in legal hold workflow for eDiscovery to quickly collect and preserve data in place for any organization’s investigative or litigation needs
  • Federated search to quickly locate files across the organization and all services
  • Tamper-proof Audit trails for providing full data and user tracking for investigation and compliance audits
  • Automated compliance alerts based on identified policy infractions enable visibility into latent data risks so they can quickly remediate them
  • Forensic-based collection and chain of custody reporting to ensure legal admissibility and remove the risk of spoliation

Availability and pricing

Druva inSync for Box and Office 365, including OneDrive and Exchange Online, are available now. Google Apps is in limited availability with general availability expected next month. Cloud Application support is part of the Druva inSync Elite and Elite Plus subscription plans at additional charge.

Druva inSync

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