by Adam Armstrong

Druva Releases A Public Cloud Backup & Long-Term Storage Solution

Druva has announced the release of their first-of-a-kind public cloud backup and long-term storage solution, Druva Phoenix. Phoenix offers an alternative to the traditional server backup model: backup to secondary storage, tape, and then long-term offsite archiving. Phoenix is a archiving, retention, and recovery solution that is designed to eliminate tape, offsite storage, complexity, and lower the costs of managing server backups by 70%.

The traditional multi-tiered approach to server backup can be cumbersome, with a recovery failure rate as high as 20%. With tight IT budgets and the lack of IT resources the problem only gets worse. Druva’s answer is to leverage their deduplication technology (reducing storage needs by 80%) with decreased cloud storage costs, greater bandwidth availability, and the cloud technologies of Amazon’s Web service to provide a simplified model that delivers high-performance backup, archiving, and long-term retention in the simple package of Phoenix. Server backups and recovery, across all remote servers and locations, will be centrally managed from a single console, dramatically reducing IT overhead.

Key features include:

  • Unified backup and archiving for hot, warm, and cold snapshots removing complexity
  • Infinite retention and faster recovery, storing limitless recovery points with the ability to archive the data for decades if needed
  • Backup and restore speeds of 100Mbps, 20 times faster than other backup solutions
  • 70% cost savings by eliminating the expense of tape, secondary storage, and IT backup
  • All within Amazon’s Web Services trusted public cloud infrastructure
  • Lower TCO as customers pay by source data not target data

Availability and pricing

Druva Phoenix is available now for remote/branch offices, with data center servers to follow, and pricing starts as low as $0.60/GB per month for a 3-year plan or $1/GB per month for unlimited retention and CloudCache included.

Druva Phoenix

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