by Adam Armstrong

E8 Storage Launches A Software Only Product

E8 Storage announced today that it is now offering a software only product, E8 Storage Software. This new product is the same software the company is using on its high-performance, high-availability shared NVMe storage solutions. Offering a software only product gives users more choice on the hardware to use (on pre-qualified servers such as Dell, HP, and Lenovo) and potentially broadens E8’s customer base.

According to E8 Storage, its software enables customers to unleash the performance of NVMe SSDs with no compromises on reliability or availability. Using industry standards (Converged Ethernet with RDMA and standard 2.5” NVMe SSDs) the software is able to connect up to 96 host servers to each E8 Storage controller, each linked concurrently to shared storage to deliver petabyte scalability. This combination of high-performance, low latency, and simplified management make the software ideal for use cases such as real-time analytics, financial and trading applications, business intelligence, and transactional processing.

By offering the software as a stand-alone product (while still being offered as an integrated E8 Storage system), E8 is allowing customers to reap the above benefits on their existing hardware or on the vendor of their choice. This is especially beneficial to customers that leverage economies of scale from within their own supply chains. E8 will also be working with its channel partners allowing them to preinstall the software on qualified servers if the customers would rather receive it that way.


E8 Storage Software is available now separately or as an integrated E8 Storage system.

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