by Lyle Smith

Eaton Annouces New Predictive Analytics Service

Eaton has announced the US launch of PredictPulse Insight, touted as the first cloud-based analytics service for data center infrastructure designed to help predict power component failures before they occur. The addition of predictive analytics gives it a more proactive focus, while its innovative algorithms and predictive modeling allow it to continuously assess potential component failures.

PredictPulse Insight works by collecting and analyzing data from a UPS via the company’s proprietary modeling and advanced algorithms technology. It then attempts to identify component failures before they happen so that Eaton’s certified technicians can proactively address power issues and replace essential UPS components instead of dealing with equipment after they fail. Eaton indicates that this will allow IT professionals and facility managers to focus on other important initiatives.

Eaton’s analytics service provides users with real-time information via an online dashboard, allowing them to monitor their power infrastructure and to connect quickly to an Eaton monitoring specialist. It also provides real-time device details, alarms, key performance metrics, service history and contact information, while the mobile app displays alarm statuses to save valuable time during a critical event when users are away from their workstation.

PredictPulse Insight uses standard Eaton network cards for easy installation and can be customized to meet specific end-user needs, such as changing or deleting devices, adjusting coworker access and setting escalation preferences. Users also are sent monthly email reports, which summarize the past 30 days of status, performance and alarms, upcoming maintenance and personalized energy savings summaries.

Eaton PredictPulse

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