by Lyle Smith

Eaton Announces 9PX UPS 2-3 kVA Models

Not long after Eaton’s announcement of new 1U and 2U options for their ePDU G3 line, the company has unveiled the launch of their 9PX uninterruptible UPS. Available in 2 to 3 kilovolt-ampere (kVA) units, the Eaton 9PX family will provide new automation options that are designed to help IT managers remotely manage and protect critical infrastructure while saving on both time and costs. 

Eaton indicates the following benefits:

  • A graphical LCD menu, rack/tower form factor, and variety of model types make the 9PX adaptable all types of environments.
  • The 9PX pairs with Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager software, providing the tools required for advanced management within physical and virtual environments. The software increases system uptime and data integrity by allowing IT professionals to remotely monitor, manage and control power devices.
  • By adding a communication card, 9PX users can monitor and control power usage in real-time. A Network Management Card (NMC) allows users to reboot protected devices over SNMP/web, initiate live migration of virtual machines, remotely notify and send email/SMS notifications and alarms, and record data for historic trending and analysis. An NMC can also integrate with industry-leading virtualization platforms and perform customizable actions, such as automatic shutdown in the event of an extended power failure. IT professionals in industrial environments can remotely shut down the 9PX and restart it automatically with a new remote on/off (ROO) port.

Eaton adds that their PredictPulse remote monitoring and management service allows their customers to monitor and analyze UPS infrastructure for more intelligent decision-making. When an issue occurs, Eaton will actually call the customer themselves to start the resolution process.

Moreover, the 9PX features double-conversion topology for constant power conditioning and up to 93 percent efficiency to reduce energy and cooling costs. Eaton also claims that their new UPS is well-suited scalable deployment and features a graphical LCD interface that allows for local access to configurations and provides settings, history and diagnostics, energy consumption and load segment control. The 2 and 3 kVA 9PX models include Eaton’s three-stage ABM charging and monitoring technology, which help keep batteries cool and extend their product lifespan. Not only that, the ABM cycle tests batteries proactively, giving them advanced audible and remote alerts for risks to battery health.

Eaton 9PX

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