by Adam Armstrong

Eaton Announces IPM Version 1.53 & Integration With HPE OneView

Today Eaton announced the latest version of its Intelligent Power Manager Software, version 1.53. The latest update improves IT’s ability to monitor and manage their power devices and helps to mitigate issues that can arise form overheating or outages to maintain business continuity. The update also includes integration with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) OneView and new functionality with the OpenStack management platform.

Outages and overheating can result in serious loss for companies running a data center, or even smaller operations. Eaton’s IPM helps maintain uptime by enabling users to monitor and manage power devices in both physical and virtualized environments. The integration with HPE OneView takes this one step further and now can address issues down to the server level. If there is an issue, Eaton’s IPM can deliver an alert through HPE iLO which will trigger preventive actions, such as power capping. OneView acts as an infrastructure automation engine. OneView can build off of the capabilities of IPM by automating responses to issues.

The integration of OneView and IPM will bring new functionality with the OpenStack management platform. Now IT will be able to manage virtual machines, server workloads and storage volumes, including migration and shutdowns within the OpenStack management platform.


IPM version 1.53 is available now as a free upgrade to users with an IPM contract. 

Eaton IPM

HPE OneView

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