by Michael Rink

Eaton Launches High-Density Rack Power Distribution Unit

Eaton announced the North American launch of its High-Density Rack Power Distribution unit (PDU). The new PDU is the latest addition to Eaton’s ePDU G3 line and has everything you have come to expect from rackmount PDUs with the bonus of configurability.

Eaton’s new High-Density rack PDU offers improved outlet counts and the addition of 11 color options for easy identification of A/B power feeds. Providing 11 different outlet module options, the High-Density rack PDU allows configuration for up to 54 outlets per PDU.  Alternative phase outlets simplify load balancing and improve airflow by putting outlets where they are needed, reducing the potential for tripped breakers.  As can be seen in the photo above they can be quickly and neatly added to existing racks with variable lengths to fit your rack size. 

Eaton PDUs come color-coded to reduce time spent figuring out which plug goes with which appliance.  The outlets rotate through three colors, and the color of the chassis + communications module can be selected from any of eleven colors at the time of purchase.

Additional benefits and features of the High-Density rack PDU include:

  • The ability to choose between selectable cable lengths and 21 input plug options, including IEC, NEMA, locking and hardwired
  • Bus bar design to implement more outlets in less space and improve reliability
  • Low profile circuit breakers, enabling full rack unit access and bolstering airflow management
  • integrated support for P-Lock locking plugs
  • Improved circuit protection for high fault current applications with options for circuit breakers and fuse protection
  • A managed version, providing individual outlet switching and outlet metering.

Eaton Configurable PDU

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