by Adam Armstrong

Eaton Releases New HDNR For Increased Cable Capacity

Eaton Corporation has released a rack that is flexible and space efficient along with a cable management solution for high-density network equipment and data center applications. The new rack series is called the Eaton B-Line series High Density Network Rack System. While that is quite a mouthful, they call it HDNR for short. Compared to other vertical cable managers, Eaton’s HDNR uses its patented 4-Dimension structural support system to get more in cable management capacity.

Data centers have lots of cables; we know ours does. But one thing most don’t have is a lot of extra space. Eaton new HDNR racks have an open-frame with a full line of rack, cable management, power, and air flow accessories. This design supports maximum cable capacity without increases in physical footprint. This system of rack is also designed with Eaton’s ePDU in mind. The ePDUs are 0U and allow equipment to be remove from the back of the rack without disconnecting power to any other devices that need to continue to run.

The HDNR features fully adjustable rails to address the different needs in various data centers and it helps support data centers that may need to make changes in the future and don’t wish to buy new racks each time. HDNR is fully compatible with all of Eaton’s range of cable management and rack accessories.

With all the hollow structure the concern over the weight of the arrays leaps to the forefront of users minds. However Eaton states that the HDNR system is engineered with a 2,200-pound load rating and is both Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and California Hospital Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) pre-approved. To provide additional safety, all HDNR configurations feature a self-bonding grounding system and floor anchor holes.


The HDNR is available now

Eaton HDNR

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