by Adam Armstrong

EchoStreams Announces High-Density NVMe Platform, FlacheSAN2N

This year at Computex 2017 in Taipei, EchoStreams Innovative Solutions LLC. announced what it refers to as the “world’s fastest” 2U NVMe Platform, the FlacheSAN2N. In a 2U form factor, EchoStreams has figured out a way to get up to 24 NVMe SSDs and the performance that would bring. This ultra-high level of performance would be ideal for use cases ranging from artificial intelligence and edge computing to graphically intensive military deployments in harsh conditions and media-heavy entertainment implementations.

When one is supposed to be creative they are told to “think outside the box.” Echostreams has been able to turn this on its head time and time again by pushing the limits of what can be accomplished within the box. Just take a look at their FlacheSAN2 putting 48 drives in a 2U space a little over two years ago. The FlacheSAN2N is no different. The FlacheSAN2N comes in two flavors: either 24 U.2 NVMe SSDs or 12 hot-swappable NVMe AICs. As with all things hot-swappable, being able to quickly swap out parts increases serviceability and helps cut back on downtime.

Benefits include:

  • Capable of supporting ~12 million IOPS, up to 60~70GB/s of bandwidth (based on 1M IOPs & 5.5~6GB/s throughput per AIC, each Mellanox 100G NIC can sustain 2M IOPs)
  • DDR4 RAM & NVDIMM support
  • 24x PCIe X4 NVMe U.2 SSDs or 12x hot-swap PCIe X8 low-profile NVMe AICs
  • Up to 6x PCIe X16 PCIe expansion slots for Network Adapters supporting up to 672Gbps of network IO bandwidth (6x EDR IB @112Gbps/ea)
  • Symmetrically-balanced architecture with each CPU managing half the NVMe devices and half the Network Adapters
  • Can support up to 2x GPGPU cards plus 2x 100G NIC or up to 6x 100G NICs
  • GPUs and NICs are both connected to NVMe SSDs via PCIe switch for low-latency design (supporting RDMA/RoCE/iWARP)
  • 4x quick-swap 80x38mm high-pressure PWM fans
  • 1000~2000W Platinum-grade redundant PSU options

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