by Chris Thomas

Egnyte Launches Hybrid Data Governance Solution

With an update to its EFSS service, Egnyte Connect, Egnyte today launched a hybrid data governance solution for enterprise called Egnyte Protect. Comprised of four file services, Egnyte Protect offers customers a level of control over files shared over any content environment. The new host of services also allow users to fix user permissions and prevent critical files from getting lost in data migrations.

Egnyte Protect is comprised of four separate file services: Access Control, Selective Encryption, Data Residency, and Data Retention. All of these services are geared towards enabling IT departments greater control and safeguards in data handling across several users in an enterprise environment.

The first available service, Access Control, helps identify permissions issues, and unify permissions rules across content repositories. Selective Encryption allows users to keep a selection of files encrypted across any system so only authorized personnel can view the content, and they can also control where their files are stored with the Data Residency service. Lastly, the Data Retention service gives users control over a file’s lifespan, and which users can access or modify them.


Egnyte Connect is available now, with Egnyte Protect services—beginning with Access Control—rolling out over time.

Egnyte Protect

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