by Adam Armstrong

EMC Announces First-Ever Storage Provisioning Framework For Container Platforms

Today EMC Corporation announced its vendor and platform-agnostic storage orchestration, model and API, libStorage. EMC is calling libStorage the first open source technology of its kind. EMC claims that it will provide providing universal and portable storage capabilities for container and application platforms.

EMC (and its EMC {code} offshoot) have made several contributions to the open source community recently such as Unik, Poly, and an enhanced REX-Ray. EMC is continuing its contributions with libStorage. Similar to Poly, libStorage will address issues with container storage. This time EMC is taking on the issues of communication with containers. Lots of users want to embrace containers, however each is unique and aren’t unified for users. Containers also need to seamlessly interface with storage.

It is not uncommon to have several container platforms running in a single environment. The main issue with this is that each platform has its own language and each must be treated as a seperate silo. According to EMC, libStorage provides centralized storage capabilities for a distributed, container-driven ecosystem, resulting in one storage language to “speak” with all container platforms and one common method of support. EMC states that using libStorage means storage platforms will not differentiate among containers, but provide choice and portability of applications across platforms.

EMC hopes that by bringing a language to containers will appeal to both the open source and container ecosystems.

libStorage key features include:

  • An open source, platform-agnostic, storage provisioning orchestration framework, model and API
  • Lightweight client package enables minimal dependencies to provide full-featured storage functionality to platforms
  • Optionally enables storage platforms to embed libStorage, creating native application integration


EMC libStorage is currently available on GitHub through the link below

EMC libStorage

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