by Josh Shaman

EMC Announces Upcoming Enhancements to Isilon OneFS

EMC is announcing that it is working on a new version of EMC Isilon OneFS scale-out NAS operating system which will include deduplication, audit and security features and several other updates. The other enhancements to EMC Isilon OneFS are object-oriented storages, Hadoop HDFS 2.0 and Syncplicity file sharing updates. EMC's Isilon is designed to be used in conjunction with large deployments typically starting at a minimum of 100TB and ranging up for cloud-based, mobile and Big Data analytics. Isilon OneFS has a specific focus on work that requires a massive capacity such as Video and Graphics applications, but can meet essentially any large-scale corporate IT need.

The upcoming release of the new Isilon OneFS will enable administrators to set up a block-level deduplication policy and provide enhancements for regulatory compliance. The deduplication policies can focus on individual directories or a more complex application such as a complete storage pool. This is a separately licensed and priced product, but before using it, administrators can use a preprocess to show how much money they will save on storage capacity, power, cooling, and rack space. The deduplication is post-process and runs in the background to ensure there is no impact to read/write activities, and users can also schedule deduplication. Meanwhile, the enhanced security and compliance in the upcoming Isilon OneFS release will be in the form of integrated support for EMC Common Event Enabler (CEE). The integration provides free access to audit software applications to enable the recording of all file access over SMB/CIFS and to track and create reports to meet medical and other regulations.

EMC's new Isilon OneFS offers more integration with software as well. There is now integration with EMC ViPR Software-Defined Storage to extend options for access to object storage APIs from Amazon S3, EMC Atmos, and others. OneFS also now incorporates an Object Access to Namespace interface which is part of the Platform API that enables automation, orchestration and management of Isilon storage. Isilon is also supporting OpenStack Swift and Cinder with integration.

Another large feature being added in the upcoming version of OneFS is also available now on the current version of OneFS. That feature is native Hadoop integration with HDFS for big data analytics as well as continued integration with Syncplicity. Adding Hadoop integration means that users won't have to build their own DAS Hadoop. Additionally, OneFS will support both HDFS 1.0 and 2.0 for users who haven't yet converted to 2.0. Also supported is Pivotal HD (the renamed Greenplum HD) for SQL queries on the Hadoop data store. Enabling greater access to Syncplicity means that users will be able to access and sync files anywhere.


The next version of OneFS should be delivered by the end of 2013. The Object Access to Namespace, HDFS 2.0 and Syncplicity on Isilon are available today and will also be supported on the next version of OneFS.

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