by Mark Kidd

EMC Announces VNX Updates, Including Analytics Integration with VMware’s vCenter Operations Management

EMC is now offering enhanced VNX storage solutions including the new VNXe 3150, featuring 50% more performance and capacity per rack unit than previous VNX enterprise storage systems. EMC has also added the new EMC Storage Analytics Suite, based on the VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite. VNX unified storage systems will be integrated with VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite via the new VNX Connector, which enables a single end-to-end view of storage infrastructures.

EMC also announced new capabilities that improve flash storage efficiency, lower costs, and deliver improved application protection in VMware storage environments. The VNX series has been updated to take advantage of the EMC FAST Suite, including storage pool enhancements that offer increased efficiency with a 38% lower acquisition cost for flash storage tiers. Customers will now be able to mix RAID types within a VNX storage pool, for example RAID 5 for flash storage and RAID 6 for NL-SAS.

EMC and VMware Partner for VNX Analytics

The EMC VNX Storage Analytics Suite, based on the VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite, will offer capabilities including storage performance and capacity optimization and SLA improvement through analytics and diagnostics. The Storage Analytics Suite also displays EMC FAST Suite configuration and performance.

Virtualized Application Protection and Monitoring

New EMC AppSync software will offer a simple, self-service SLA-driven approach for protecting virtualized Microsoft applications in VNX environments. After defining service plans, application owners can protect production data and recover data quickly with item-level granularity. AppSync also provides an application protection monitoring service that generates alerts when the SLAs are not met.

VNX Snapshot capabilities now support 256 writable snaps per Logical Unit Number (LUN) for up to 32,000 per system (depending on VNX system size), as well as snapshots of snapshots for testing, development and disk backups. When used with AppSync, these snapshots are application-consistent and can be used to provision copies of production data for application development and testing.


All of these VNX offerings are expected to be available in the second half of 2012.

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