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EMC Announces XtremIO 3.0

EMC announced today the latest version of the software for their all-flash array, EMC XtremIO. The new XtremIO 3.0 software update comes with several new features and configurations, ecosystem integrations, and business programs. These new features are aimed at offering more scale, more capabilities, and more support for consolidated, virtualized, and performance-hungry workloads. Highlights include new features like inline compression and snapshots, support for additional X-Bricks per cluster and a new smaller-scale offering that starts at 5TB. 

The EMC XtremIO has proven to be a fast-growing all-flash array, taking firm aim at startups in the all-flash-array (AFA) space. To prove it’s predictability, EMC has offered the XtremIO $1 million guarantee that ensures all data services are occurring inline all the time. The new XtremIO 3.0 updates and capabilities follow-on 2.4, which recently hit GA, showing EMC's commitment to rapid development of the XtremIO platform. With XtremIO the combined 2.4 and 3.0 software updates EMC will deliver enterprise data centers with more performance, consolidation, and application agility through intelligent always-on, inline data services that deliver industry-leading user experience and economics.

New XtremIO Software Highlights

  • Larger scale-out clusters up to 6 X-Bricks - support up to six (prior limit was four) 20TB X-Bricks with 12 active controllers, enabling a 50% IOPS performance increase and 50% more capacity, while maintaining XtremIO’s sub-millisecond latency.
  • Inline compression - XtremIO arrays deliver up to 4X their previous usable capacity with always on inline compression. XtremIO clusters with 90 TB of usable flash capacity now effectively support 540 TB of effective capacity at typical 6:1 data reduction (inline deduplication plus inline compression) ratios. When combined with XtremIO’s snapshot capabilities, XtremIO now supports petabytes of functional application data.
  • XtremIO snapshots - industry’s first writeable snapshot technology that is space-efficient for both data and metadata. Free from limitations of performance, features, topology, or capacity reservations, XtremIO snapshots (with their unique in-memory metadata architecture) instantly create entire application development and test environments where every engineer gets a personal sandbox, enable high-performance analytics and reporting copies without any brute force data movement, and deliver near-CDP capabilities for data protection.
  • A substantial performance improvement for databases, bandwidth-hungry workloads, and virtual machine cloning operations - the latest XtremIO 3.0 software delivers optimizations that increase real-world application performance. Now OLTP databases run nearly 1.5X faster, data warehouses achieve nearly 2X better throughput, and cloning virtual machines takes half the time.
  • Starter X-Brick – new entry-level configuration that offers the full performance and data services of an XtremIO array in a low-cost 5TB configuration, expandable to a 10TB X-Brick.
  • Inline Data at Rest Encryption (D@RE) - securely encrypts all data stored on the all-flash array, delivering protection for regulated use cases in sensitive industries such as healthcare, finance, and the government.
  • More support for EMC software, storage, converged infrastructure solutions, as well as OpenStack deployments - XtremIO supports EMC ViPR SRM Suite, EMC ViPR software-defined storage platform, and EMC VSPEX, complementing existing integration with EMC VPLEX, EMC PowerPath, VCE Vblock, VMware VAAI, and VMware vSphere plugins.  XtremIO is supported as Cinder block storage in OpenStack clouds.

EMC also announced XtremIO Xpect More program. This program has three major benefits: 7-year maintenance price protection, 3-year money back warranty, and flash endurance protection where EMC will replace any SSD that reaches 95% of its endurance limit within the period of the customer’s support contract.

Pricing and Availability

All XtremIO 2.4 capabilities (Starter X-Brick, inline encryption, writeable snapshots) are already available and XtremIO 3.0 capabilities (inline compression, performance improvements, scale increase) will be available as a software update this quarter.

EMC’s XtremIO page

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