by Adam Armstrong

EMC CloudArray 5.0 Launched

EMC has announced the launch of CloudArray 5.0 the latest update of CloudArray since EMC acquired TwinStrata, and the first major release of CloudArray designed for EMC. EMC has kept the previous features of CloudArray while adding in a few new features, additional supported clouds, an updated user interface, and a refreshed line of software and hardware appliances. This release represents an even deeper cloud-integration with EMC's product portfolio.

CloudArray is a cloud-integrated storage that extends storage arrays with cloud capacity. It offers customers the ability to add an additional tier of cloud storage to their arrays that is cost-effective, scalable, and seamless. CloudArray connects to over 20 public and private cloud providers and uses standard storage interfaces: iSCSI, NFS, and CFS. CloudArray will keep previous features such as Disaster Recovery as a Service, its rich feature set, and its caching capabilities.

New features include:

  • Additional cloud provider support for EMC ViPR and ECS. These providers join the expansive list of cloud providers that CloudArray already supports. CloudArray users will still have the ability to simultaneously support multiple clouds and easily migrate data between them.
  • A refreshed set of hardware appliances ranging from 12TB to 80TB of onboard, usable cache storage. CloudArray has refreshed its hardware appliance to better meet the needs of customers. This new generation of appliances features faster CPUs and bus architectures that enhance performance and improve throughput.
  • Usability improvements. The new usability changes are aimed at improving the customer experience with more robust network configuration tools to support expanded network topologies including proxy configurations. A new interface helps simplify certificate management. And a WAN/cloud performance optimizer now automates adjustments based on available bandwidth to the cloud.
  • An updated user interface. The new UI includes an easier rapid configurator and cleaner, more intuitive navigation


CloudArray 5.0 is available now. EMC offers a 14-day free trial of the software.

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