by Adam Armstrong

EMC Introduces New eCDM & eCDA Software

Today at EMC World, EMC Corporation introduced new software that is design to address expanding data, specifically data volume that is generated from multiple copies of the same data (copy data). The software is EMC Enterprise Copy Data Management (eCDM), which EMC states will help companies control copy data in both costs and management. EMC is also announcing an analytics offering that compliments eCDM, EMC Enterprise Copy Data Analytics (eCDA).

Copy data is multiple copies of the exact same data that can come from something as simple as snapshots or even hitting the “cc” function on an email. While it doesn’t seem like much multiply these actions a few thousand times and then email servers and data centers start seeing copy data take up a big portion of capacity with little to no benefit. What’s the cost of these unneeded data, IDC estimates that by 2018 companies will be spending $51 billion on data that is either on the wrong tier or is not needed. EMC’s eCDM comes along to address this issue with pan-enterprise abilities to monitoring, managing and analyzing copy data.

Some data need multiple copies for data protection, operations, test/dev and analytics. eCDM helps companies with all of their types of copy data with automated monitoring and management, that will help combat inefficiencies and rising costs. Companies can utilize user-defined service plans to ensure the correct numbers of copies are being stored in the right place. This will also help to make sure that consistent service levels are delivered across the business. eCDM is non-disruptive and extends the native efficiencies available within EMC arrays, such as VMAX All Flash, XtremIO and Data Domain systems. eCDM can discover copies, protect storage, and enabling copies that are need to still be created.

Another new software that is being introduced today is eCDA. eCDA is an analytics-as-a-service offering designed to complement eCDM. This analysis will help provide insight to proactively optimize infrastructure. EMC goes on to stat that eCDA will data-driven decision making, including actionable recommendations and service plan modifications to further maximize efficiency.


Both EMC eCDM and eCDA are expected to be available in the third quarter of 2016.

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