by Adam Armstrong

EMC Launches ViPR Controller 3.0

Today at EMC World 2016, EMC corporation announced the latest updates to its storage automation software, EMC ViPR Controller 3.0. EMC states that the new updates are designed to help customers modernize their multivendor storage environments, with support for over 50 EMC and third-party storage platforms. This SDS release should reduce manual tasks by up to 73%, which should increase efficiency, help mitigate risks, and free-up resources. EMC claims that the ViPR Controller will effectively bridge traditional and cloud native environments, providing ease of use, time savings and reduced OPEX.

ViPR was first launched in May of 2013. As we first stated, The EMC ViPR Controller is the Control Plane that manages the storage infrastructure. It virtualizes the infrastructure so that it can be managed as a single pool of virtual storage. Over the last few years many enterprises have deployed ViPR to help centralize and transform the management of multivendor storage into a single platform. ViPR takes this new single platform and enables users to have a single pane of glass for abstracting and pooling EMC and third-party storage resources. The latest version is all about improving effectiveness and efficiency with a 63% average reduction in time to provision storage.

Updates include:

  • Application-Centric Workflows that help reduce errors and improve time-to-market by enabling management of application resources without the need to understand the underlying storage solutions being used.
  • The new Southbound Software Development Kit (SDK), a result of open-source based community innovation from the CoprHD™ Project, enables organizations to add ViPR Controller support for any storage system. This provides the ultimate flexibility to customers, as well as third-party storage vendors that want to add to the more than 50 storage platforms already supported by ViPR Controller.
  • New native disaster recovery features enable customers to eliminate single points of failure to ensure SLAs are met, offering two backup sites in case of disaster and ensuring high availability.


The latest version of ViPR Controller is expected to be generally available in the second quarter of 2016. 


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