by Josh Shaman

EMC Offers Enhanced Support For Syncplicity

EMC is announcing support for Policy-Driven Hybrid Cloud, EMC ViPR and EMC VNX on the EMC Syncplicity file sync and sharing product. The support for policy-driven hybrid cloud means that customers will be able to simultaneously access private and public clouds. Additionally, storage performance will be optimized. All of this will be done with consideration given to security and regulatory compliance based on user and content types. EMC Syncplicity will also begin native support for EMC VNX starting in the second half of 2013, and it will begin utilizing EMC ViPR software-defined storage as well.

EMC Syncplicity enables users to easily access their files across all devices while also sharing content with co-workers inside and outside the firewall. Now, EMC Syncplicity users will be able to select a private cloud deployment through EMC Isilon Scale-out NAS or EMC Atmos object-based storage, or they can select a public cloud option to store files and the changes to those files while syncing them across devices. The idea behind the technology is that users will be accessing a policy-based hybrid cloud with rules set by IT administrators to automate how content can be accessed, stored, etc. For example, non-sensitive documents could be stored in public clouds to save money, content subject to regulations could be stored within on-site arrays or in particular data centers, or files needed globally could have geographic restrictions removed.

EMC VNX will be added as a Syncplicity on-premise storage option in the second half of 2013. EMC VNX provides users with a storage platform for on-premise, private cloud deployments that can utilize existing storage. EMC Syncplicity already supports EMC Isilon and EMC Atmos, and with this announcement, EMC further drives home their cloud-deployment approach.

EMC Syncplicity will also be the first file sync and sharing product utilizing software-defined storage via EMC ViPR. In this way, Syncplicity can support hybrid cloud while separating the development of the policy engine from the access channels and the features of each piece of storage. It will also provide features across storage devices, even those that don't natively feature support.


EMC VNX will be added as a Syncplicity on-premise storage option in the second half of 2013. EMC ViPR will also be available in the second half of 2013.

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