by Adam Armstrong

EMC Offers Lower Price Software Bundle For VNXe

We reviewed the VNXe3200 back in October of last year and we liked the little platform. But not everyone felt the same. The performance of the unit wasn’t the question so much as the licensing. Now EMC has introduced a new software bundle that is 88% cheaper.

The new bundle includes FAST Cache and FASTVP licensing, Snapshots, Native Remote Replication for no additional charge. This software is joining the already free software offered in the base software including: Unisphere, Unisphere Central, and VNX Monitoring and Reporting. Users will still have to pay for AppSync, Storage Analytics, and RecoverPoint.

As we stated in our review, “with an $11,500 entry-point, the rest of the market is going to have a difficult time waging war against the VNXe3200 in the sub $40k price bracket.” The new pricing would bring down the unit we reviewed from $25,310 to $22,410. The new bundle, and the free software that comes with it, allows the VNXe3200 to comfortable dig itself in against others waging war with it in the sub $40k price bracket.

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