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EMC Releases Data Domain Virtual Edition

Today EMC announced the introduction of Data Domain Virtual Edition (DD VE). As the name implies, EMC has separated the Data Domain hardware creating a software-only solution. Initially intended for remote office, branch office (ROBO), DD VE can support a variety of deployment options including cloud, converged and hyperconverged.

Since its acquisition in 2009, EMC has made Data Domain systems its flagship protection storage platform for backup, archive, and disaster recovery. EMC states that storage needs for retention and protection can be reduced between 10-30x with Data Domain with much higher throughput than one would normally expect from a deduplication appliance, up to 50% increase. We previously reviewed a Data Domain system, DD2200, and found that it offered huge backup window gains in 1GbE and 10GbE environments.

DD VE takes these basic tenets of Data Domain and enables customers to deploy it on their existing hardware. The initial release scales up to 16TB in 1TB increments. DD VE recommends underlying hardware for optimal usage and comes with an automatic hardware assessment to inform customers if their existing hardware is optimal. Including with DD VE is DD Boost, DD Replicator, and DD Encryption. EMC has been running DD VE internally for some time now and previewed this technology to some of its customers over the past month, to receive and integrate customer feedback. DD VE also automatically qualifies with VDP.

Key benefits include:

  • Ease of use:  DD VE is quick and simple to deploy and configure through VMware vSphere. Since it can run on existing ESX infrastructure, a DD VE instance can be up and running in just a matter of minutes.
  • Unparalleled reliability: DD VE is built on proven Data Domain software and includes the Data Domain Data Invulnerability Architecture, which ensures any data stored can be reliably recovered in the event that it is compromised.
  • Flexible capacity: A single DD VE instance can scale from 1TB to 16TB and capacity can be expanded in 1 TB increments – allowing customers to gradually expand capacity as the business demands it. Plus, capacity can easily be moved between virtual systems and/or locations for total flexibility.

Availability and pricing

Customers who are interested can download a full version of DD VE to take it for a test drive before purchase. The trial is a 0.5TB of DD VE for non-commercial use. The full version will be available April 22nd and has a list price of $1,675/TB.

EMC Data Domain

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