by Bill Valle

EMC Syncplicity File Sync and Share Updated

EMC is announcing updates to its Syncplicity file sync and share software which is designed to simplify file sharing across the enterprise. The new enhancements allow intuitive sending of files without needing to attach them to emails, which sometimes have limitations on file size and types of attachments. Users can utilize the Syncplicity Secure Send directly from their local machines to send large files in one easy step that just requires a right click to initiate. This creates a unique link that is configurable for secure, password protected access to the data that is also capable of tracking downloads in-progress.

With this product, IT administrators can have much more control of the access and sharing of files over traditional email attachments. Syncplicity enables access to files with the added functionality of enterprise level password protection, auditing, and even allowing expiration periods to be set. These files can be stored off-site via cloud services or on premise as desired. Utilizing Good Dynamics’ mobile device management (MDM) features, Syncplicity opens up secure access file sharing for both iOS and Android devices with dedicated apps for each platform.

The data resides in a FIPS compliant container on the mobile device, and it affords IT staff the functionality to create policies such as designating and setting application passcodes, device restrictions, and file actions to an approved set of third party apps in the Good ecosystem. Additionally, Syncplicity now provides federated identity management through Active Directory integration with OneLogin and Ping Identity for single sign-on and automated user provisioning solutions.

EMC Syncplicity for Businesses and Enterprises 

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