by Adam Armstrong

EMC Unveils Suite Of Intuitive, Cloud-Native Content Apps

Today at EMC World 2016, EMC Corporation’s Enterprise Content Division (ECD) unveiled a new a suite of purpose-built, cloud-native content apps that ECD claims are designed to revolutionize the content management industry and transform interactions with business content, EMC LEAP. The EMC LEAP apps are designed to deliver enterprise-grade content management capabilities combined with intuitive user experience for diverse business use cases.

The EMC LEAP family will not only consist of EMC apps but third party apps as well. The EMC LEAP family will consist of a modular platform and marketplace, powered by what EMC is calling the industry’s richest and most-advanced set of content services. The apps with be interoperable with existing content repositories, however they will work better together with the Documentum family of content management products.

Today ECD is releasing five apps including:

  • LEAP Courier: offering a new way to power business processes that depend on structured document exchange across organizational boundaries. It provides a consumer-grade user experience for secure and structured document exchange, validation and tracking. It is adaptable to different use cases and configurable in minutes without any additional development.
  • LEAP Snap: delivering the power of enterprise-grade document capture to all business users. Its Advanced Recognition automatically captures, categorizes, and organizes documents and related document information in real-time, turning unstructured content into actionable digital business information. The solution enables users to spin up an environment in less than five minutes, and includes an innovative template design service to start the capture process without the need for any configuration or development.
  • LEAP Concert: enabling the creation of a wide variety of documents in a collaborative but controlled environment. Organizations can set up or import a working document to begin dividing up tasks on the project. LEAP Concert includes the ability to identify and assign work to be done on the document, and simple review workflows allow sections to be approved and completed, advancing the overall progress of the document. Project owners can protect existing content, only allowing users to modify the individual sections that have been assigned to them.
  • LEAP Express: a lightweight app designed to easily browse, access, search and approve all content. Express supports multiple form factors including web, tablet and mobile, leveraging the latest design paradigms and security features such as touch ID. Repository independence enables a unified view of all documents and tasks, eliminating the need to jump across different, custom apps to effectively work with content. 
  • LEAP Focus: allowing for fast, yet detailed reading and reviewing of business documents like sales contracts and agreements on mobile devices. It eliminates the frustrating “pinch-to-zoom” experience by automatically reformatting the document based on selected font size for the device, and reduces the requirement to view documents on non-mobile devices.

EMC is also announcing partnerships around its new LEAP family. EMC is partnering with DocuSign, Inc. to provide customers with premier content apps that enable digital enterprise workflows. EMS is also announcing LEAP together, a partner program that provides additional benefits and faster time to value with LEAP Apps. EMC is announcing a Loyalty Tier that gives loyal and customers immediate access to the LEAP apps free of charge. Loyalty Tier customers will also have access to superior customer service.

Availability and pricing

LEAP Courier and LEAP Snap are expected to be generally available in June 2016. LEAP Concert, LEAP Express, and LEAP Focus are expected to be generally available in the second half of 2016. All LEAP solutions are available on pay-per-use subscription basis and use value-based pricing, unless users qualify for LEAP Together Program and Loyalty Tier.


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