The StorageReview In The Lab series examines the behind the scenes and inner workings of our Cincinnati-based enterprise test lab. The content is designed to take a look at the equipment, software and tools that keep the lab going, with an eye toward helping IT administrators get new ideas while also seeing the challenges faced by a growing IT organization.
by Kevin OBrien

In the Lab: Bulk SSD Secure Erasing

When reviewing large batches of SSDs for a certain project, the time always comes where to get back to a clean state, a bunch of SSDs need to be secure erased. This process can't be overlooked, since depending on the workload, not putting a drive back into its factory fresh condition can cause problems switching between workloads. In this lab tip we've documented how to secure erase SSDs by streamlining the process. We've created bulk erasing scripts for Linux server environments, which handle up to 23 SSDs at a time in a Supermicro SuperStorage Server 2027R-AR24NV.

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