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Exablox Announces OneBlox NAS

Exablox has announced the release of their OneBlox scale-out NAS with SMB and CIFS network protocols that includes cloud-based management as well as features such as inline deduplication, zero-configuration expansion and continuous data protection. With OneBlox, Exablox is trying to eliminate long installation times, flaky security and upgrades that require lots of configurations and changes. Instead, OneBlox offers an initial 5 minute installation with upgrades essentially on-the-fly while offering automatic AES-256 encryption and a host of other enterprise features. Exablox designed OneBlox to gather the best features from existing devices on the market together with their own enhancements. All of this can be managed using a multi-tenant cloud-based management service from Exablox called OneSystem.

OneBlox's robust features make operation simple. The scale-out capability enables capacity and performance enhancement without any further configuration. When users add nodes, OneBlox nodes automatically configure one another. Additionally, for security and storage capacity maximization, every object written is deduped and snapshots are taken with every write. Taking it a step further, all of the snapshots also undergo deduplication to increase available storage. OneBlox also features file replication by creating triplicates of files automatically, meaning that users don't have to worry about RAID configurations. This makes increasing the unit's capacity simple, and it's easy to swap out failed drives as well.

Exablox also provides ease-of-use by enabling organizations to choose which drives they'd like to install in their OneBlox. They can use either SATA or SAS drives to enhance flexibility. Users will be able to mix and match drive technologies and sizes as well. This pliablility allows organizations to optimize their storage according to both need and budget. All of this added storage is dynamically pooled within the global file system.

The included OneSystem for OneBlox simplies the management process by providing accessibility from a single browser to manage and watch all storage resources across companies anywhere in the world. In doing so, OneSystem removes the need for on-site management software, configuration and on-going maintenance. 

Pricing and Availability

Exablox's OneBlox is now available to select businesses at under $10,000 for a 32TB model and under $40,000 for a four-node 64TB disaster recovery model. General availability will commence sometime in the first half of this year from the channel.

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