by Adam Armstrong

Exablox Offers Both Inline Variable & Fixed-Length Deduplication As Well As Inline Compression

Today Exablox announced that it has added variable-length deduplication to its OneBlox appliance as well as offering an on-premises storage management solution, Private OneSystem. Adding variable-length deduplication makes Exablox the only storage provider to offer both inline variable-length and fixed-length deduplication along with inline compression in a single storage pool. Private OneSystem will compliment Exablox’ existing cloud-based storage management offerings.

Exablox states that the new deduplication capabilities will enable customers to reduce their storage footprint up to 95% and increase data reduction ratios up to 20:1. Exablox claims that customers can store up to 4.4PB of effective storage on a single global file system. This more effective storage capacity can drive down costs as well (cutting it down to $0.03/GB). This new deduplication feature also works well with backup/recovery software such as Veeam, AppAssure, CommVault and others. And now administrators can customize their data reduction techniques based on what the applications need.

Exablox has a cloud-based management service that monitor and identify problems proactively. The new Private OneSystem gives real-time storage and heath monitoring while residing on-premises within the customer’s data center (deployed as a VM). Exablox claims that they can use their expertise to identify issues before they cause the customers any problems.


Both variable-length deduplication and Private OneSystem are available now. Variable-length deduplication is available as a free upgrade for all current OneBlox 4312 customers.

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