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ExaGrid EX32000E Appliance Backup Solution Announced

ExaGrid Systems has announced the EX32000E backup appliance solution, which replaces the very versatile EX21000E as its largest and most powerful appliance to date highlighted by data deduplication and their data landing zone. The EX3200E uses ExaGrid’s scale-out GRID technology, allowing it to combine up to 14 appliances in a single scale-out GRID for a total of 448TB full backup in a single system. This makes for a 52 percent increase in total capacity. In addition, its 14 appliances in a scale-out GRID makes the EX32000E one of the largest full-backup target systems on the market, with 882TB of usable storage and over 1PB of raw storage.

ExaGrid EX21000E

The EX32000E has an ingest rate of 5.6TB per hour upwards to 7.5TB per hour in a single system depending on CIFS, NFS, Veeam Data Mover, or OpenStorage Technology (OST). With OST, the ingestion rate of the EX32000E improves to 105TB per hour with 14 appliances in a GRID system, which is three times the ingest performance of EMC Data Domain with Boost. Additionally, with ExaGrid’s unique landing zone, the most recent backups are kept in their full undeduplicated form for restore, recovery, and VM boot performance of up to ten times faster than inline deduplication appliances, including EMC Data Domain, which only stores deduplicated data.

The EX32000E houses 72TB of raw and 63TB of usable data and can take in a 32TB full backup undeduplicated in a front-end landing zone to significantly increase restores and recoveries, all the while maintaining a long-term historical version in a deduplicated data repository. ExaGrid’ unique scale-out method adds processor, memory, and bandwidth as well as disk, which allows the backup window to stay fixed in length as data grows. This approach makes it the only disk-based backup system that maintains a fixed backup window.

ExaGrid works with a number of solutions at the enterprise level, such as Symantec NetBackup, EMC Networker, IBM TSM, and CommVault Simpana, enabling:

  • Fast ingest performance for short backup windows
  • The most recent backups in their native, undeduplicated form in the landing zone for fast restores, recoveries, and VM boots
  • A fixed backup window as data grows due to full appliances in a scale-out GRID with processor, memory, and bandwidth with disk capacity expansion

ExaGrid has also announced support for more backup applications and utilities. Adding to this list (which already includes Veeam, Symantec Backup Exec, arcserve, HP Data Protector, Oracle RMAN, SQL Dumps), ExaGrid is now compatible with:

  • Symantec System Recovery
  • Unitrends Enterprise Backup
  • Unitrends Virtual Backup
  • Zmanda

ExaGrid has also reduced the form factor the EX5000 and EX7000 appliances from 3U to 2U, which helps to save rack space footprint in the datacenter.

ExaGrid Solutions

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