by Adam Armstrong

ExaGrid Partners With Zerto For Replication & Backup Functionality

ExaGrid has announced that it is partnering with Zerto combining the two companies' technologies in order to deliver complementary solutions. The companies state that they can jointly offer continuous data protection along with long-term archiving that will greatly improving performance and cost efficiency in IT datacenters. This will give joint customers a cost-effective, offsite, disk-based backup solution with a small storage footprint from data deduplication.

The partnership includes Zerto’s software that provides business continuity/disaster recovery (BC/DR) of mission critical workloads from the primary site to an offsite location for DR. Zerto also provides continuous replications. Once Zerto makes its backups they can be replicated to an ExaGrid system that uses data deduplication to reduce costs and storage footprint of the data. In fact, the most recent Zerto backup of mission critical applications is stored on ExaGrid’s “Landing Zone” in its native format for fast restores and boots. The combination of Zerto's Offsite Backup and the ExaGrid Landing Zone plus repository offers what the two companies are claiming as the best-in-class comprehensive protection of mission-critical VM data.

Aside from storing Zerto backups, ExaGrid appliances can sit behind the nightly backup application at the primary site protecting all backups, virtual or physical. The appliance will replicate the daily changed data offsite for DR. According to the company, ExaGrid’s EX32000E has an ingest rate that is 2-3 times faster and a restore rate that is 5-10 times faster than its closest competitor.  ExaGrid also uses its unique Landing Zone technology for faster restores and boots along with shorter backup windows. ExaGrid states that it can save costs overall compared to other large name vendors.

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