by Adam Armstrong

ExaGrid Upgrades Software Which Increases Capacity And Improves Replication

Today ExaGrid Systems Inc. announced the general availability of the latest update to its software, version 4.8. The new updates will enable up to 25 appliances in a single scale-out GRID. This will increase full backup capacity by 78% while adding bandwidth throttling and encryption during replication.

ExaGrid products (such as EX21000E) use a unique feature called the Landing Zone. The Landing Zone allows this appliance to accomplish such fast restorations, as 90% of restorations utilize the most recent backup. In addition, the Landing Zone stores a full uncompressed backup resulting in shorter backup windows and faster restore and VM boot speeds. ExaGrid points out that not only is the up front cost lower but over time the overall cost is lower compared to large brand vendors.

Version 4.8 of ExaGrid’s software provides:

  • An 800TB backup capacity: Up to 25 ExaGrid appliances can be mixed and matched in any combination in a single scale-out GRID. With 10 various-sized appliance models from which to choose, IT organizations can buy what they need, as they need it. ExaGrid’s largest configuration is 25 EX32000E appliances in a single GRID for a maximum full backup capacity of 800TB and an ingest rate of 187.5TB per hour.
  • Bandwidth throttle: Replication between ExaGrid sites across a wide area network (WAN) can be scheduled for a specific day and a bandwidth usage limit can be set for each scheduled period. The combination of scheduling flexibility and bandwidth throttling allows for the maximum efficiency of WAN bandwidth used for replication.
  • WAN encryption: Data can be encrypted during replication between ExaGrid sites. Encryption occurs on the sending ExaGrid site, is encrypted as it traverses the WAN, and is decrypted at the target ExaGrid site. This eliminates the need for a virtual private network (VPN) to perform encryption across the WAN. ExaGrid also offers encryption at rest for data stored on ExaGrid systems. The lack of need for VPN on the recieveing end may also make for expansions to the cloud an option in the future. 

Availability and pricing

The latest version of ExaGrid software, version 4.8, is available now for free to all customers with a valid maintenance and service agreement.

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