by Adam Armstrong

Excelero Debuts NVEdge

Today Excelero announced its new block storage software that its states can create NVMe all-flash arrays from high-availability servers, Excelero NVEdge. Excelero, as it frequently does, claims that its new solution can create the world’s fastest NVMe AFA performance, with the numbers they claim being 2.7 million IOPS on a 100Gb link. Even though they promise high performance, they state they can hit it while still providing enterprise storage features for simplified deployment, efficiency and operation.

NVMe-based arrays are becoming more and more common in the data center. At the same time, more and more organizations are also leveraging NVMe-oF. Seeing this, Excelero intends to expand this adoption with its new NVEdge that can take x86 systems and those based around SmartNIC-based architectures and allow them to better take advantage of NVMe SSDs. This is critically important to markets such as AI, ML, GPU and Edge computing. The NVEdge will allow OEMs to build their own scale-up NVMe flash arrays on whatever HA hardware they choose without the need for proprietary block derivers with NVMe-oF.

Use cases and markets include:

  • Cloud data centers where a rack is a single failure domain, yet disaggregated NVMe single-chassis storage needed to be HA.
  • Deployments requiring an HA NVMe storage array with local NVMe performance, but without the need for massive scale.

Excelero will be showcasing its new technology at the Flash Memory Summit 2019, August 4 – 8 in the Santa Clara Convention Center, at Excelero’s booth #706.

Excelero NVEdge

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