by Adam Armstrong

EXTEN Announced HyperDynamic 3.0

Today EXTEN Technologies announced the third generation of its HyperDynamic NVMe over Fabrics storage software is now available. The latest version is said to bring advanced levels of resiliency, performance and management to demanding data center customers. Ideal use cases for EXTEN software are any that require extreme performance such as analytics, machine learning, and high performance computing (HPC).

What is EXTEN HyperDynamic?

EXTEN Technologies main focus is in NVMe over Fabrics software applications. The company’s main product being HyperDynamic software. They way HyperDynamic works is by disaggregating storage, moving non-volatile memory from traditional storage and server systems to fabric-attached storage appliances or JBOFs connected using low-latency and high-bandwidth NVMe over Fabrics. HyperDynamic is compatible and can run on commodity-based hardware including Intel and AMD servers as well as with custom SoC-based enclosures. The software is also compatible with several fabric protocols including TCP, RoCE, Infiniband and iWARP. The high compatibility of HyperDynamic allows customers to more easily balance out cost and performance. It also means that deployment issues are minimized while enhancing security, and ensuring all client CPU performance is available for application compute needs.

The latest enhancements include:

  • Node level resiliency with synchronous replicas
  • Shared volumes with replicas for supporting parallel file systems
  • Dual parity (RAID 6) resiliency
  • Integrated drive management and hot swap

EXTEN claims that their NVMe-oF software adds less than one microsecond of latency to performance. As mentioned above, HyperDynamic works across TCP; version 3.0 improves TCP performance with Solarflare TCP acceleration providing TCP performance near RDMA. The new version also has new management features further simplifying management and deployment of NVME-oF storage. One such features is declustered RAID. Declustered RAID provides the ability to simply configure resilient volumes that use standard, Linux multi-path IO software to provide redundancy in both networking and storage. If users need to optimize provisioning for separate use cases, different RAID levels per volume allow them this flexibility. 

EXTEN will be at FMS in Santa Clara, California from August 5-8, 2019 demonstrating the latest version of its software. 

EXTEN HyperDynamic

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